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This limited-edition gray hat is a MUST for all of us who are working on balancing our mental health in today's society. Here at Style by Liv, we believe in being heavily meditated to stay in alignment towards our best self. 

Features include:

✔   Unisex and adjustable

✔   Front & Back custom lettering by a            female artist 

✔   100% Cotton 

✔   Recommended hand washing 

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Heavily Meditated Hat

Nutrition has a POWERFUL impact on our feelings and I believe that you FEEL what you eat. Inside this e-book you will learn: 

Features include:

✔   The research behind how food can       impact our feelings

✔   16 recipes designed to elicit four core feelings (energetic, calm, happy, focused) with highlighted foods shown to have powerful FEELING properties 

✔   5 food wellness principles to integrate into your daily life 
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*All sales are final 

Feelings & Food E-book