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Beautycounter: 3 Reasons you need this beauty brand in your life

I recently did a post on toxic free beauty brands and received so much positive feedback. In that post, I included a beauty brand that I heard about on #GirlBossRadio, Beautycounter. Their founder, Gregg, realized how many toxins and harmful ingredients were in the makeup & skincare products she was using. She discovered that the federal government does NOT regulate skincare products therefore, brands can put whatever they want in their products and do not have to disclose that information. EW!

Gregg created Beautycounter as a way to create high-quality beauty products without any of the harmful ingredients and to use this brand as a way to advocate for safer products everywhere. Beautycounter has created “The Never List” which includes a list of ingredients they never add in their products. Some of these ingredients include mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and many more. (Could you imagine rubbing formaldehyde on your skin in the morning? Well, you just might be with your moisturizer!) That’s why I chose to join Beautycounter in the #betterbeauty movement.

I’ve been testing out some of their products and I’m beyond obsessed. Each and every product is better than the last. I’ve tried sooooo many different nontoxic beauty brands and featured many on Style by Liv but there is something special about Beautycounter because it is the ONLY nontoxic beauty brand that has cleared up my skin and made me feel confident on the inside and out!

Beauty Counter: The Beauty Brand You Need In Your Life

Three Reasons You Should Try Beautycounter:

1. Because you care about your skin. Honestly, who doesn’t care about their skin? We all want to look our best, never ever get a pimple again, reduce fine lines and wrinkles all while looking like a goddamn superstar. Thanks to Beautycounter that’s now a reality.

2. Because you want products that actually work. As a blogger, I get the unique opportunity to try out SO many different brands. I test new products or clothing items every single week. I’ve been in the nontoxic beauty craze for a while and have yet to find products that actually work… until now. With Beautycounter my hair is healthier, my skin is cleaner, my pores are smaller and my heart is bigger.

3. Because you want to change the culture of beauty brands and create a safer, healthier culture for your future (or current) children. You don’t want to rub dangerous acids, carcinogens or formaldehyde on your skin and you definitely won’t want your precious little children doing so either. Beautycounter advocates to change the laws and every year works with senators and the white house to change our regulations on beauty products.

I’ve been trying out all of their products and are soo excited to share some of my favorites with you!

Countercontrol: This entire collection is absolutely incredible. It is first acne treatment from Beautycounter and it is incredible. The customer panel for these products report that 95% reported clearer skin, 100% reported healthier skin and 95% reported less skin redness. // I’m testing out the countercontrol clear pore cleanser right now and I’m loving these results so far.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel: This product has instantly become a best-seller because of it’s ability to mimize pores, fine lines and dark spots without irritation or drying the skin.

Countermatch Eye Rescue Mask: Having a good high-quality eye cream is one of the best things you can do for yourself in your 20s and 30s. This is the best eye cream I’ve found to brighten up my dark circles and soothe my skin.

Tint Skin Foundation: I’ve been having the most difficult time with my makeup routine. At the end of my 12 hour days as a Registered Nurse I’m noticing that my makeup is oily and my skin is no longer perfect. This lightweight, creamy foundation has been great at hiding my imperfections and lasting all day long.

Purifying Charcoal Mask: This is honestly the best mask I’ve ever used. It washed off nicely without any difficulty, never leaves my skin red/irritated after use. It draws out my impurities, reduces my pores, absorbs excess oils and increases elasticity. Plus, it’s the MOST Instagram-worthy mask ever.

Charcoal Cleansing Bar: I love this cleanser and even keep an extra at Brandon’s house for when I stay there. It is made with antioxidants, green tea and coconut oil. Charcoal is a powerful ingredient that will draw out impurities to create a smoother and brighter complexion.

Have you tried Beautycounter before? What are your thoughts?

Be sure to add me, Olivia DeFilippo as your consultant on the order. Additionally, please email at for product samples, more information or custom recommendations based on your skin type.



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