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Daily Reminder: Love Yourself

With spring break approaching everyone is counting calories and starting crazy diets. This self-hate is actually contagious. The other night I was craving a chocolate bar and told my boyfriend. I explained to him that “I really shouldn’t” and his reply “You should do it.” He is so right. I bought the chocolate bar and it was delicious. I didn’t blow up and the world didn’t end.

We only live once and if we live our life always turning down chocolate bar’s what kind of life would that be? {Answer: a truly awful one}

I’m not proposing that we all eat chocolate every day for the rest of our lives. I’m proposing that we stop dieting and thinking that one chocolate bar will kill us. Stop hating your bodies long enough to realize that you are beautiful.

I know that spring break is coming up and many of us will be on the beach in bikinis. {OH, the horror} While you are enjoying the sun stop comparing yourself to that couple over there whose relationship seems perfect. Or the girl with the amazing body. You have no idea what people are struggling with.

While you are wishing you had that girl’s body, and bikini, she is wishing that she had your personality and brains so go easy on yourself. Remember to love yourself because you are beautiful, inside and out. You deserve to celebrate your body, not hate it.

Love Yourself

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  1. YES. YES. YES. Eat the chocolate bar and love it — I couldn’t agree more. I am all about enjoying everything in moderation and eating something because my body craves it and not letting myself feel guilty after. 🙂

  2. Katya says:

    What a great reminder! Indeed, self-acceptance is very important and I appreciate that you are sharing this important message with the bloggers community. Yep, eat that chocolate and feel good about yourself! #LoveYourself