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How To Love Your Selfie: Lessons From The Boston NEDA Walk

Summertime is among us and it is the time when women (& men) start feeling inadequate about their bodies. Honestly, what is a summer body anyway? Do we have a different body during the summer month because that is the message I’m getting from that statement. Are our current bodies not good enough for summer?

As someone who works at an eating disorder center and someone who is overall trying to be more compassionate with myself I say Love Your Selfie.

My bestie and I went to the Boston NEDA Walk last weekend and it was an amazing experience. I got to meet a professional idol (Jenni Schaefer) and an ultra fabulous model (Iskra Lawrence). We heard from women about their recovery and talked about mindfulness and self-compassion. Plus, my bestie and I had a total #GirlBoss moment because we raised $1,163 for NEDA.

Love Your Selfie

Love Your Selfie

Love Your Selfie

I am by no means an expert at self-compassion at all. Actually, I’ve probably made quite a few body-negative comments today BUT I made sure that I left that thought pass by then saying one thing I love about myself.

The concept Love Your Selfie is not easy. You have to be okay with being perfectly imperfect. You have to take off your comparison glasses and focus on yourself. You have to recognize that the media is fake and be okay with how your body looks. You have to constantly check in with yourself and alter your thoughts. It’s hard work … but… it’s worth it in the long run.

For those of you who are stuck, unhappy and don’t know where to start I have a few ideas.

1. Every single time you find yourself saying something negative about your body turn around and say something positive about your body. (Always end on a positive note)

2. Start a gratitude journal for your body. It’s very difficult at first but it will get easier as times goes on & you start to recognize the amazing things your body does for you every single day.

3. Remind yourself that loving your body is a journey and not a linear path. It is totally normal to have moments of strength and weakness. It is normal to feel defeated and get thrown off the wagon but eventually you will get back on track.

4. Add positive affirmations into your daily routine. Write positive post-it notes and add it to your mirror, in your car, on your planner and in your wallet. You deserve to be happy and to love your body but sometimes we all need a little reminder, and that’s okay.


Love Your Selfie

Love Your Selfie

Love Your Selfie

Now, I have to share one of my favorite parts of the NEDA Walk: custom tanks.  This tank is from Seams Sew Sassy, a custom designer for literally anything you want. She made me a custom Style by Liv tee a few months ago and I am totally obsessed. I highly recommend her if you have any events coming up!

What charities/causes do you support?


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