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Fashion & Nursing Collide With Dansko Work Wonders

Recently, I’ve been struggling because I love my blog SO much and I have created a brand from scratch that has attracted amazing followers like you however, as my life evolves so do I. I recently graduated from James Madison University with a nursing degree. As an aspiring mental health nurse and fashion blogger I often feel as if I live two different lives. (One in heels and one in scrubs). I’ve spent a lot of my time studying for my board exam and applying for jobs. I am opening a new part of my life that I want to share with you but I am scared. Scared it doesn’t fit my brand. Scared I will lose followers. Scared I won’t be taken seriously as a fashion and beauty blogger.

As I begin to enter the adult world and become a registered nurse I am realizing that these two areas of my life can combine. I’ve realized that I can continue to infuse my fashionable mindset into my career as a nurse. (Honestly, the realization that nurses too can be fashionable and trendy has changed my life.) I want to create authentic content for you so as I evolve so will my blog. You will continue to see out of the day posts, beauty trends and inspirational brands however, you may begin to see more posts about nursing fashion or mental health. I am really excited about this addition and I hope you are too.

To begin this journey of becoming a fashionable nurse I’m starting with shoes. (Because, you ALWAYS start with the shoes). Nurses everywhere have been wearing Dansko for years because we are on our feet so much and we need a shoe that will provide comfort and support. After testing out their new line I’m beyond impressed. Their new line, Work Wonders, has multiple mechanisms for comfort including a removable foam footbed and a light-weight sole for shock absorption and support. Also, they have a moisture-wicking lining for odor control (Major win!). Their new line even includes Mary Janes! (#love). I love Dansko because they are totally helping individuals, like me, bridge the gap between fashion and nursing.

These shoes are definitely a must for all nurses or really anyone who is on their feet all day. I will definitely be wearing them to work and you may even see me sporting these in my yoga pants and an oversized tee while running errands. If you are interested in Dansko but aren’t sure where to start I recommend checking out their website because they have so many options including rainboots, sandals, booties and block heels (SO trendy right now).

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders

Dansko Work Wonders


Dansko Black Leather Camellia

Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs by Barco – Active Modern Fit Drawstring Pant

My Saint My Hero Benedictine Petite Necklace

Lokai Bracelet

Alex & Ani Bangles

I received these shoes from Dansko for review however, all opinions are my own. Thank you Dansko for sponsoring this post!



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  1. Kelly Saylor says:

    Hi Olivia,

    Paulie Fresh gave me a link to your blog. I’m a Surgical Scrub in the OR at the Brigham and I think it’s great when our people actually give a crap about their appearance and bring a sense of style to the hospital!
    They’re are some real battle axes out there!

    I’m all about my scrub hats (Kim Kaps), my bling lanyard from Brighton, and my clogs and Mary Janes from Alegria, the hottest and most comfortable shoes in the universe! Check these lines out… you’ll LOVE them! Also, check out Figs, a high end scrub company out of LA. They’re awesome! I can’t wear them to work because I work in the OR, I have to wear hospital issued ones. But I love lounging around the house in the cargo ones… they’re like silk!

    Take care,


  2. Kate says:

    You’re so cute! Love this post!
    -Kate //

  3. Robin says:

    Beautiful post from a beautiful person. Great shoes are so important when your on your feet all day

  4. Nicole Bailey says:

    Olivia, you are just adorable! xo