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Why you need to stop being so hard on yourself

This weekend, multiple people came up to me to explain that my blog and social media channels have inspired them. Honestly, this makes me so happy. When you read my posts I hope that you feel something: hopeful, excited, motivated, inspired etc. I created Style by Liv because I wanted to make my mark on the world and I wanted to impact you all in a positive way. Little did I know you would all impact me just as much. Your emails and comments make my day so THANK YOU for your love and support. I love you all.

Why you need to stop being so hard on yourself

Every day I try to surround myself with inspirational messages but I’m not perfect. My astrological sign is cancer so I’m emotional and cry more often than I’d like to admit (happy & sad tears). Just the other day I was stressed and overwhelmed which ended up in me sitting in my car and crying in a parking lot. I was stressed to the max and began to doubt myself and my abilities. I felt inadequate in every area of my life. I began to critique every bad thing I’ve done in my life; not studying hard enough, not going to the gym, having cookies for breakfast the other day etc. I was my own worst critic and obsessing over every one of my flaws.

Looking back, Why was I so hard on myself? What did I do to deserve that? The answer: nothing. I didn’t deserve that and neither do you. We are all going through tough times and struggling with inner demons but we don’t have the right to be so hard on ourselves. We need to remember that we are not perfect and that is okay. 

Being hard on yourself will not better you or help you achieve your goals. It will only make you feel worse. Trust me, when I was sitting in the car crying I thought my world was ending. Thankfully, my life wasn’t ending but it felt that way because of the pressure I was putting on myself. Life doesn’t always work out as we planned in our head but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great!

If you’re life appears to be falling apart and you recognize that you are being hard on yourself stop and breathe. Realize that God has a greater plan for you and that you have the power to work harder and achieve more. Then, do something that makes you happy. Whenever I do something that makes me happy I instantly feel better, even if I still have a million pieces to pick up. The things that make me happy include eating ice cream, watching an episode of White Collar, taking a bubble bath, painting my nails or grabbing some Starbucks.

Stop being so hard on yourself and start doing the things that make you smile. Then, repeat this in your head over and over until you believe it: I am fabulous, radiantly beautiful, smart and successful. 

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  1. YES. All so true girlfriend. I love this: “Realize that God has a greater plan for you and that you have the power to work harder and achieve more.” TRUTH!

    Also I’m an Aries and I STILL cry over everything. We’re soul sisters. <3

    Coming Up Roses

  2. UGH. Needed this today more than you know! I’ve been so hard on myself lately. Graduating has created a lot of uncertainty and a lot of self-criticism. I love your inspirational posts… and all of your posts, really 🙂