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Trend Alert: Juicing featuring Sisterhood of the Traveling Juice

Introducing Georgia and Heather: two soul-sisters who reside in Charlestown MA. Their journeys are different but both of their paths have helped them learn, grown and become aligned with their true soul purpose: sharing their knowledge of healing and wellness with others. Georgia has spent most of her adult life teaching children, and became interested in a career in fitness and nutrition a few years ago, pushing her to get her nutrition certification and personal training certifications. Heather is a juice therapist, energy health and certified yoga teacher. Together, they create some yummy juices and I am so excited to share them with you.

Heather got into juicing to heal some skin issues when she found Medical Medium’s protocols and wanted to heal herself holistically. Then, while living in California, she became more exposed to the juice world and told Georgia she wanted to spread the word of juice in Boston as it wasn’t as popular on the East Coast. Georgia knew nothing about juicing but was excited to learn from her soul sister and add this knowledge to her health coaching.

sisterhood of traveling juice

They started the Sisterhood of the Traveling Juice to #SpreadTheHealing by combining both of their knowledge of health and wellness.  The goal was to start a movement that educates others about the transformational healing powers of nourishing juices, high vibe foods, and other body love practices. Though they originally started as just a juice delivery service in the beginning of 2019, they have evolved to doing more hands on juicing workshops, and most recently launched the first round of Road to Body Love Online course and coaching program so that they can make a bigger impact.  The program coaches about juicing, nutrition, movement, energy healing, mindfulness, and habits- Everything they wish they knew a long time ago, all in one place for people to learn in both a group setting and with 1:1 guidance! There are so many fad diets and misinformation out there, and we want to make things less confusing! They are here to empower people with the tools to feel badass in their bodies and live their healthiest, happiest lives!

I asked Heather and Georgia about celery juice. The latest trend from The Medical Medium that celebrities like Kim Kardashian is trying and promoting. Here is the response: Celery juice can help clear up autoimmune issues in the body such as skin issues like eczema and psoriasis which is what Kim Kardashian was using it for. It can also be used to hydrate your body at a deep level, infuse your body with natural energy, improve digestion, decrease bloating, heal gut issues,  anxiety, depression + much much more! Medical Medium has a whole book dedicated to Celery Juice and all of the ways it can heal the body from the inside out. 

The Sisterhood of Traveling Juice favorite brand of juicers is Omega, and they are actually affiliates for the company! There are fast juicers and slow juicers, and though fast ones are good for making juice in large quantities, we prefer slow juicers at home for a variety of reasons.  They have an eBook all about choosing the right juicer for your needs, along with a few of our favorite recipes! You can find it here!

You can also join their facebook page to learn more information about juicing and overall health and wellness.

Ultimately, getting healthier can feel complicated, but it comes down to CHOOSING to see yourself as WORTHY of investing in yourself.  It all depends on your goals, but start small. Choose to get up 5 minutes earlier to get your thoughts ready for the day. Take a few deep breaths to start your day. Jot down things you are grateful for in your body. Choose to make time for a walk on your lunch break.  Choose to try that workout class you’ve been wanting to try or that new recipe even if they are out of your comfort zone. Choose to join our next round of Road to Body Love Coaching!!

Georgia’s go-to juice is Cucumber, Spinach, Ginger, & Lemon.  The cucumber is a great base for juice because it is so water-dense.  It’s also super hydrating for this reason! Love adding spinach to get in those greens, and a little bit of ginger and lemon is just delicious!

With their Road to Body Love Coaching you will receive:

Juice Guidance – general info as well as specific juices for your individual healing needs

Nutrition– general info as well as shopping lists & recipes

Mindfulness– resetting habits, practicing gratitude, having a high vibe mindset

Movement – emotional & energy movement, physical movement & exercises


Group Coaching Calls

1:1 Coaching

Accountability & Community 

Online Course Portal

Lifelong sustainable practices

To learn more about the course email them at

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