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COURSE LAUNCH – Wellness by Liv: Level Up Your Health

How would it feel to have more energy to experience the things you want to experience? What would it feel like if you had very little stress in your life and a greater sense of wellbeing? What would it feel like to actually accomplish your dreams?

Every January, we create LOFTY goals to become our healthiest self. In February, we have not yet hit our goals and we start to lose steam and feel both defeated + disappointed. We lose confidence in ourselves and start to believe we will never achieve this goal.

Wellness by Liv: Level Up Your Health

This was me every single year until I learned HOW to create goals and WHAT health + wellness actually means. My name is Olivia DeFilippo and I have a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. I have been a Registered Nurse for four years and have worked with diverse patient populations. I worked at the Poison Control Center helping to mange chemical exposures from medications and household products. I also worked at a residential eating disorder facility helping men + women overcome their mental illness, obtain adequate nutrition and become their healthiest self. I educate my patients daily on the topics of health and wellness. Currently, I am continuing my education to obtain a master’s degree in nursing and become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

I help my patients EVERY single day become their healthiest self and to achieve their goals. I believe that I can help you too. You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted to come true and with this course I will help you.

This isn’t just any old course. This is a TRANSFORMATION that will have a ripple effect into every area of your life.

Wellness by Liv: Level Up Your Health

In this magical course “Wellness by Liv: Level up your health” there will be four modules: nutrition, physical activity, mental health + personal care products. We will spend one week on each module, making this a four-week course packed full of so much information! In this course you will get:

  • Expert education on how to make healthier choices in your life
  • A goal setting worksheet and a goal -setting workshop to transform your 2020 goals
  • Personalized health coaching to find the best next steps for your body
  • Weekly challenges that will help you to create health habits in fitness, nutrition, wellness and physical health
  • As a result of this course, you will feel more energetic, confident and empowered around your health

EARLY BIRD PRICING: Monday 2/10-2/17 $100 discount!

You have felt that February slump in the past and you do NOT deserve to feel this again. Let’s work together to break the habit. I will see you March 2nd!

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