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Year in Recap: 2019 Reflections and 2020 Goals and Intentions.

This is one of my most popular blog post themes to date. My first time I did this was when I recapped 2017 and set my goals for 2018. Then, I did the same thing for 2019. I cannot believe we are here prepping for 2020 and an entirely new decade.

It is so incredibly special that I get to create these goals and authentically recap the good and bad of this year with you all here. It is not only a way for you to better understand who I am but also to join the SBL community. You cheer me on for the awesome moments and {virtually} hold my hand during the hard times. I am FOREVER grateful to all of you for your love and support this past year.

Year in Recap: 2019 Reflections and 2020 Goals and Intentions.


I spent the large majority of 2019 stressed and a workaholic. For 7 months, I worked 40+ hours, built my Style by Liv brand, hosted events for Beautycounter and attended grad school. Looking back, I was BANANAS and must have had a caffeine IV drip at all times. The most monumental thing this year was I started working with a life coach and breaking my bad habits. I started saying no. I left a job that was not bringing me joy or furthering my career. I found a new job that allowed me more time freedom and is helping me to reach my career goals. I started to notice and shift my all or nothing mindset. I stopped doing things out of habit and started to stop and think “what do I really want right now.”

One of the biggest upsets this year was that Brandon and I started the homebuying process and actually put in a few offers that did not go our way. Eventually, when I switched jobs I also decreased my hours leading to the loss of our preapproval and the end of our home buying process. I felt so ready to make this next step but I know that God has a bigger and better plan for us an our relationship.

Looking back on this year, I did some pretty incredible things. I walked in my first fashion show. I made it into a magazine twice. I hosted 11+ events with Style by Liv and Beautycounter. I completed one year of grad school. I played bride in a styled photoshoot. I traveled to Nantucket for the first time. I kissed Brandon in front of Niagara Falls. I went back to my favorite state, Virginia, for a couple days. I started working with Splendid Spoon. I had a photoshoot in a sunflower field. I went to see Blue Man Group. I saw Ariana Grande in concert. I went to Florida to celebrate my best friends birthday.

2019 was a year of inner growth and new experiences. I learned so much about myself this year and I cannot wait to take that to the next level in 2020.

Year in Recap: 2019 Reflections and 2020 Goals and Intentions.
Year in Recap: 2019 Reflections and 2020 Goals and Intentions.


I am debt free: I am turning one of my downsides of 2019 into a positive for 2020. I am going to use my down payment to continue paying off my student loans. I have begun paying out of pocket for my grad school courses and want to continue that. To do this, I am going to need to improve my money mindset and actually start a budget. I have a few books and apps that were recommended to me and as I test them out I will update you all with how this is going and which I feel are super helpful.

I work with Invisalign: I have worked with some really incredible brands over the years and one brand I really want to manifest in 2020 is Invisalign. I truly believe that your smile is the first thing people see and I want to put my best foot (or face) forward in the new year. I had braces in middle school and then never worn my retainer (sorry, mom & dad). I am kicking myself for that decision but I am ready to start using some Invisalign and would love to share my experience with you all.

I have a vision for my career: I am in school to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and would love to open up my own wellness sanctuary but I have had a lot of fear over taking the steps to make this happen. I want to start my clinicals with people who have similar goals. I want to meet more nurses and nurse practitioners. I want to dive deep into this career and start creating some awesome content (& maybe a few courses) for you all.

Year in Recap: 2019 Reflections and 2020 Goals and Intentions.

I am feeling really blessed for a fabulous 2019 and excited for what lies ahead in 2020. I hope you all have a safe + fabulous new year!! Share your goals in the comments below so we can hold each other accountable!

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