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The most popular wellness trends for 2020 that you need to know about

I am a self-proclaimed health and wellness junkie and therefore, I am willing to try any health trend to see what the hype is about. From juice cleanses to meditation classes and float therapy I am not afraid to test out the latest trending topic to see if it is worth adopting into my daily routine.

I’ve also been described as a sponge which means that once I like something I adopt it immediately and am forever changed. These are the most popular wellness trends for 2020. I cannot wait to hear which ones are your favorite.

Peloton is making at home workouts a reality for those with busy lives.

Peloton has become a $700 million fitness powerhouse and was named the #1 most innovate wellness brand for 2019. As a #girlboss balancing grad school, a full time career as a nurse and building a lifestyle brand it is increasingly more difficult to make it to the gym and sometimes all I have is 30 minutes. I have been dying to try Peloton because I am all about the indoor cardio currently.

For those close to the Boston area, they actually have physical studios as well so you can go and workout with your friends.

But for real…. I need a Peloton sugar daddy or some type of piggy bank because $$$$$$

Got oat milk? You will soon.

Nut milk has always been in but oat milk is the new trend for 2019 because it is vegan, nut free and a great source of fiber. Oat milk is nutritionally superior to the once loved almond milk and it is better for the environment because less water content is needed to make oat milk. Better for the environment, animals and your health. Win-win.

The beauty industry is placing an increased focus on the health of ingredients.

Beautycounter shares some really alarming statistics about the beauty industry. The United States has not passed a major federal law governing the cosmetic industry since 1938. The European Union bans 1,400 ingredients in personal care products and the United States only bans 30. More clean beauty brands are popping up and I am FOR it. But I want to warn you: READ THE INGREDIENTS. Just because a brand says they are clean does not make it true. Want to learn more, watch the documentary stink on Netflix or head to the Beautycounter blog.

wellness trends of 2020 beautycounter

CBD products are BOOMING at an incredibly high rate.

CBD creams, lotions, oils, tinctures, beauty products, gummies… all the things. CBD has been used for inflammation, pain and anxiety. As a nurse, we are also learning more and more about CBD in school and within the hospital. You will begin to see doctors and nurses discuss CBD in appointments and prescribing it instead of traditional medicine.

IV vitamins are transforming your supplement routine.

As a nurse, I am a big supporter. I don’t necessarily believe that vitamins are the final answer but they can definitely help supplement your diet. Vitamin b12 is something that I have been getting injections of because I do not eat enough meat to create it on my own. ( And if you watch the documentary Game Changers on Netflix you will learn that many meat eaters are deficient too). I swear it helps with my metabolism and energy levels. IV vitamins are meant to be used when you’re sick and need a boost or when you are hungover and need to rejuvenate yourself. I’ve been trying to find some good spots in Boston, if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Bakuchiol is replacing retinol (and I’m ALL for it).

Retinol is not recommended for pregnant women and therefore, has been replaced by a plant based alternative Bakuchiol. Beautycounter has an incredible Countertime line that is clinically show to elicit similar results as retinol. Say bye-bye to wrinkles without compromising your health.

Beautycounter countertime

Plant-based alternatives are here to stay.

Things like cauliflower pizza crust and the impossible meat alternative have been increasing in popularity and will only continue from here. Documentaries on veganism has been on the rise and more individuals are starting to understand the importance of diet on overall health. I too am starting to decrease my consumption of animal based products and I have noticed an increase in energy. More details to come…

P.S. one of my favorite plant-based brands right now is Splendid Spoon, a vegan meal delivery service. Soups. Grain bowls. Smoothies. Order here for $50 off.

Wellness trends of 2020 Splendid Spoon

There is an increase in sustainable products.

Shopping has changed. Consumers no longer want to buy a product, they want to support the environment. B corporations are trailblazing their industry because of their support for people and the planet. I am loving brands such as Allbirds, Apolis totes, Patagonia, Beautycounter and Athleta.

Crazy plant lady is a good thing

Okay… stay with me here. Doctors in England are actually prescribing houseplants to help with anxiety and depression. Plants have been shown to help increase happiness, relieve anxiety and to provide a sense of responsibility. If you are a crazy plant lady then you are actually taking care of your health. Keep it up.

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  1. Ariadna says:

    You are incredible. These are quite a few new ones I didn’t know about. I will keep this trendy top list in hand for 2020, for sure. I am all about taking better care of myself. And you are really going for it! Thank you so much for the tips!