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Everything you need to know about Beautycounter

I’ve been on a wellness journey for the past few years and one area I’ve struggled with is finding safer beauty and skincare products. Honestly, if you haven’t used the EWG Skin Deep Database to check the ingredients of your products you will never have holistic healthy. A daily green smoothie will never fix the issue of the formaldehyde and/or carcinogens lurking in the body wash you lather on in the shower.

OF COURSE I value my health and body but I also want my products to work!! What’s the point of lathering on an expensive face oil if it’s not doing anything for your skin?


I really struggled to find good, accessible alternatives to the products I was using. Then, I rediscovered Beautycounter, named the top trending beauty brand of 2018 by Google. I was introduced to Beautycounter by my friend Julie, who was the owner of Aine’s boutique where I worked in college. She started carrying Beautycounter because she fell in love with their mission and Beautycounter was the leader in the clean beauty movement. This was years ago and it wasn’t until the Well Summit that I became re-introduced to their brand and founder: Gregg Renfrew.

Gregg started Beautycounter after she had children because she discovered that the products she was using on her children contained ingredients that were linked to cancer, infertility and allergies. Gregg started researching this industry and was SHOCKED with what she found. The last law passed to regulate the cosmetic industry was in 1938! Beautycounter is working with Tufts University to continue ground breaking research for cosmetic reform and has banned over 1,500 harmful ingredients from their products.

What makes Beautycounter different?

Beautycounter is a B corporation which means they care about the people, profit and planet. Beautycounter is committed to getting safer products into the hands of everyone so they formulate products for men, children and women with all different skin types. Each of their products undergo rigorous testing when it comes to ingredient selection and safety testing. Additionally, they utilize the least amount of plastic possible and use recycled materials in their packaging.

What does the business opportunity look like?

I said no to this business opportunity for at least two years until I finally made the jump. I started naturally talking about clean beauty on my blog and then started using Beautycounter and it changed my skin; hydrating more than ever and curing my adult acne. I get to share this incredible company with my family and friends all while making an extra paycheck. Adulting is hard and this additional income really helps.

Is Beautycounter more expensive than other brands?

That depends what other brands you’re comparing it to. If you’re comparing Beautycounter to the brands found in CVS, yes it is more expensive but you get what you pay for. When you shop Beautycounter you are helping a women-founded B corporation business continue the mission of advocating for more health protective laws. When you shop Beautycounter you are helping to protect your health and the health of the planet.

What are your favorite Beautycounter products?

OMG so many. I truly believe that if you are just starting out you should take their skincare quiz and purchase a skincare regimen which is formulated to give you the best results. For those who already have a regimen I truly believe in their facial oils, reef friendly sunscreen and the charcoal face mask is an incredible addition.

Amanda and I have some exciting things planned for those of you interested in Beautycounter so please reach out if you have any questions and skincare concerns. You know where to find me.

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  1. Kristty says:

    I’ve been really looking into beauty counter and I think just might do it now! I feel like not a lot of people y’all about it and has some amazing benefits!