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2019 Goals & Intentions

Hey everyone!!

I just finished my 100 day happiness planner (Thanks, Well Summit) and have begun to journal about my goals for 2019, reflect back on where I’ve come and start a vision for my future. I was talking to my BFF Vanessa yesterday about how eye-opening this self reflection process has been. I am so focused on the hustle and grind of daily life that I very rarely write and reflect on the bigger picture of my life.

2019 Goals & Intentions

I’ve been reviewing my 2017 reflections & 2018 goals while simultaneously planning some of the biggest goals and intentions for 2019. One of the greatest lessons I learned in 2018 is to NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF and that YOU CAN ACTUALLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS with hard work and lots of coffee. I’m planning on shooting for the moon in 2019 and have set my goals higher than I ever have before.

In this post, I’m going to be the most vulnerable and transparent I’ve ever been with you. I’m going to showcase all my goals and the action steps that I will use to achieve these. I hope you will follow along with my journey, help me achieve my goals and then also share your goals in the comments so I can help you achieve yours!

Okay…  Are you ready for this? Here are my 2019 Goals & Intentions

2019 Goals & Intentions

1) Buy a condo with Brandon

Brandon and I have been talking about moving in together for a while. I don’t want to leave home because my mom spoils me rotten and I love it but I’m very excited to take the next step in my relationship with Brandon. Brandon and I have been looking at condos but haven’t yet found one that screams our name. I truly believe that 2019 will bring something fabulous to us…

action steps…

  • Manifest my dream condo – Pinterest, I’m coming for you.
  • Continue to educate myself on all the things related to buying a condo. I am really enjoying this whole process but there is so much more I need to learn before I can confidently make informed decisions.
  • Continue to stock up on home decor pieces (disco ball margarita shaker – done.)

2) Double my revenue and readership for Style by Liv

I will never forget that night sitting on my couch when I started my blog. I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of my favorite products and show my mom & dad what I was doing while I was away in college. Never in a million years did I think that this would be my life today.

This past year has been incredible for Style by Liv. I’ve hit so many milestones and collaborated with so many different brands. I am finally discovering my voice and have been way more selective with the brands/people that I am partnering with. Lately, I’ve been drowning in deadlines and e-mails so Brandon has been stepping in to help me with some administrative tasks. I never imagined that I would be at a point where I cannot sustain this brand on my own. I know now that I need a team. I need help to run this blog because it is growing bigger & bigger every single day which is both absolutely exciting and completely terrifying.

action steps…

  • Create a Style by Liv team. I’m not yet at a point where I want to hire someone full time but I definitely need to outsource and create a core group of people who can help me manage the every day tasks while I remain the creative. I am still working on a vision of what this looks like and what tasks I will can delegate.
  • Actually track my revenue… I have a general idea but not an exact number. So it is time to run this blog like the business it is, starting with my very own Style by Liv business bank account. Once I start tracking everything better I will be able to better get a sense of those action steps I need to take to take this blog to the next level.
  • Manifest my dream brand partnerships. Top #5 brands to work with = Patagonia. Paper Source. Athleta. MZ Wallace. Free People. (In no particular order).
  • Lean on Brandon. He has been an absolute DREAM and I am blown away by how helpful he has been in this entire process. He deserves a metal for his willingness to do whatever is needed to help me succeed.
  • Be more consistent with blog and Instagram content. Maybe even actually make an editorial calendar!!

3) Get promoted to Director at Beautycounter

At the beginning of my 100 day happiness planner I wrote out some goals/intentions that I had for my life. Some included “build a business, be my own boss and work for a nontoxic beauty company.” Little did I know… 100 days later I would be a Manager for a nontoxic beauty company and leading a team of incredible women.

This business has been an incredible opportunity for me because it has connected me with so many like-minded inspirational women, given me financial freedom, completely cleared up my skin and is allowing me to take part in monumental change. The last law passed to regulate the ingredients in beauty and personal care products was in 1938! How insane! It is time for a change because many of those toxic chemicals in these products have been linked to infertility, cancer, allergies, birth defects and more.

action steps…

  • Share this mission with all my family & friends. I want to protect the ones around me from getting sick by educating them on the dangers of some of the chemicals in their products.
  • Continue building my team. This business has been an incredible godsend. It has allowed me to give back, play with makeup/skincare, take back my health and make a substantial income. I want to share this opportunity with the right people who are committed to helping this mission!
  • Never give up. I’ve surprised myself many times with this business and have been so impressed by how much I have accomplished thus far. I am going to continue hustling to get these products into everyones hands and to help save the overall health of the USA one day at a time.

4) Maintain a 3.0 or higher in grad school

Surprise!! I’m heading back to school. Just when I finally thought that I was done I decided that I wanted to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I am planning on starting school in January and it will be a two year program. I am so excited to get started on this new journey but dreading all the exams… ugh.

action steps…

  • Schedule in my classes & homework!I have a very busy schedule so to be successful I need to actually start scheduling in everything and sticking to that plan.
  • Spend more time in coffee shops. I have a very good blogging relationship at home and once I’m comfy in bed my creative brain can write all night long. When it comes to studying I’ve noticed that I need to be in a spot dedicated to studying: library, coffee shop etc.
2019 Goals & Intentions

I just have this feeling that 2019 is going to be really awesome.

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  1. Susan says:

    I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals!

  2. Kiara says:

    You have so many great plans for 2019, girl! There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be able to accomplish those goals you set for yourself!